Welcome to ABF Stockholm!

ABF Stockholm, Workers’ Educational Association in Stockholm, is a non-profit organisation providing adult education in multiple forms

ABF Stockholm is the local branch of ABF in Stockholm, Lidingö, Nacka, Värmdö and Ekerö. 

We believe in empowerment through a collective process of learning.

Our multiple forms of education


  • Study circles and courses
  • Open seminars and lectures
  • Formal education for adults
  • Professional training and coaching
  • Swedish courses for immigrants

Empowerment and Solidarity through Education

Our focus on social class is no less important today than it was when the association was started in 1912. That’s why we want to give the most to those who have received the least. The ABF is a politically independent organisation, but we share the values of the labour movement.

Our goal is for people to study together and form an opinion on key social issues. Everyone should have the opportunity to gain the knowledge to influence their own situations, and to be able to influence local and global developments.

Starting a study circle is an easy way to get together for learning purposes. It’s cheap and requires no previous knowledge. Organisations that aim to effect change are in constant need of new knowledge, inspiration and methods to know what path to take.

Understanding the conditions at your workplace is essential to be able to make changes. This is why the ABF offers trade union studies.

Culture inspires us and lets us think along new, creative lines, which helps us to interpret the surrounding world and ourselves in new ways. This is why the ABF embraces culture.

Solidarity knows no borders. This is why the ABF focuses on international studies and information campaigns on conditions in other countries.

Someone who does not feel well does not have the strength to make his voice heard. Good health should not be dependent on one’s social class. This is why the ABF embraces health issues.

Working for an accessible society, in which everybody can participate, is a matter of justice and democracy. This is why the ABF embraces organisations for immigrants, the disabled and the elderly.

Read more about ABF in English at ABF:s national webpage.