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DIY Workshop: Vogue Femme with The Legendary Asia 

During a big, international ballroom weekend in Stockholm, organized by Silva Miyake Mugler, we have the honour to have these two legends from the United States to teach us two workshops! 

Both of these workshops are ”open level” which means this is not a beginners class, but all levels are welcome. We do recommend and expect you to have some kind of knowledge and/or experience in vogue/ballroom, to be able to get the most out of these workshops.



16:15-17:30 Vogue Femme with The Legendary Asia

17:30-18:45 Sexy Performance/Vogue Femme with The Legendary Vanessa Frost Miyake Mugler



150kr / 15 € per class by cash, swish or paypal on spot ONLY.

Register: Locals (with swedish person nummer) sign up via link:

Internationals sign up by sending your name and class to satusilva@gmail.com


What is Ballroom?
Ballroom was created by black and latin trans women back in Harlem, New York at the late 1960s, due to racism they faced within the white pageant scene. Ballroom is an underground subculture by and for the BIPOC LGBTQ+ community and it is a competition where participants walk different categories in beauty, sex, fashion and performance(voguing).

The main event, The Bawdy Yawdy Ball, you’ll find by clicking here! 

150:- Ordinarie pris
Anmäl Dig
Startdatum 30/8
Veckodagar Fredag
Tidpunkt 16:15 - 17:30
Plats ABF-Huset, Sveavägen, Teatersalen (plan 6)
Pris 150:- (Ord. pris)
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