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Kulturnatten: Cinema queer on tour – queer nights in Palestine

As a part of Kulturnatten, Cinema Queer invite you to a night about queerness and the liberation of Palestine!

PROGRAM (Z-salen, floor 1)

18:00 – Doors open
18:30 – Short film program (around 80 min, more info bellow)
20:00 – Writing workshop by poet Nadia Maghder: longing for a place, a place which no longer exists, a place for
rest, a place of love, a place of freedom.



Homecoming Queenz
This is a live performance shot by smartphones and was taken at Ben Gurion International Airport while on the way back from abroad. Through the act the artist is collaborating with Oz Marinov and they try to pass through the border with a unique clothing.

Regissör: Elias Wakeem, 2019


Gender Café
Six 4-minute short films each filmed in the countries of the Mediterranean, and dealing with expressions of gender, the body, sexuality and identity. Six interviews with artists or people talking about these thorny issues makes for a geographical impression, a suffering body, subject to violence, repression and inhibition.
Regissör: Jocelyne Saab, 2013


Le règne de Sultana
Sultana of New York is a Palestinian drag queen, performer, and artist. ”Sultana’s Reign” opens with a conversation with Sultana, as she is being painted by Jordanian artist, RIDIKKULUZ. Reflecting on her journey from Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, to then New York, Sultana tells of the challenges of performing drag in conservative societies, her nostalgia for the glory days and the glamour of Egyptian cinema icons, and her struggle to prove her existence and her self-expression as a performer and artist. She also shares her love of celebration and her everlasting commitment to be true to herself.

Regissör: Hadi Moussally, 2023


Mondial 2010
Lebanese artist Roy Dib presents an impossible love story between two men. His is a road movie that explores the institutional borders of the modern day Middle East
Regissör: Roy Dibs, 2013


A closeted Arab wholesale perfume seller, attempting to mask his identity with excessive amounts of Polo Sport adjacent cologne, is knocked off center when a charming customer sees through his act.
Regissör: Fateema Al-Hamaydeh Miller, 2022


Fri entré
Datum 20/4
Tid 18:00
Arrangör Cinema Queer, ABF Stockholm
Plats Z-salen, ABF-huset, Sveavägen 41
Fri entré
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