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New! Reading circle – Swedish as a second language

Hone your swedish-speaking skills with this reading circle!

Welcome to a book circle, for new Swedes who wants to improve their verbal communication!
For each meet-up, you will read the instructed number of chapters and the course leader will guide you through the discussions. You are encouraged to try new words and learn together during the discussions. The goal is to gain confidence to speak swedish more often at home, in everyday situations, with your friends and at your workplace.
For this circle, we will be reading ”Händelser vid vatten” (Blackwater) by Kerstin Ekman. Kerstin Ekman is considered one of Swedens most prominent contemporary authors and has won multiple awards. ”Händelse vid vatten” was recently adapted as a TV-series and is available for free on SVT Play.
Buy the book or borrow it from your local library for free.


You can understand basic spoken and written swedish. 


”Händelser vid vatten” av Kerstin Ekman

Course leader

Kerstin Bergh is a retired economist with a passion for language, litterature and politics. In recent years, she had many different assignments such as a job coach and teaching swedish for immigrants.

FAQ and good to know:

  • In order to apply for the course on our homepage, you’ll need an email adress. If you don’t, you can call +468-453 41 00 to apply.
  • You will receive information about the start of the course ten days before the planned start of the course.
  • The invoice and information about the course will be sent to your email adress. If you want to receive the invoice via regular mail, please specify in the comment section when applying.
  • If you are retired, unemployed or on long term sick leave, you have right to a 10% discount.
  • Please note! You can still apply for the course even if the start date has passed. You will still have to pay the full price for the course for the course.

Find out more about what it is like to attend courses at ABF, as well as our terms and conditions: https://abfstockholm.se/kurser/om/

1500:- Ordinarie pris
Anmäl Dig
Startdatum 25/9
Tidpunkt 18:00 - 19:30
Antal tillfällen 8
Arrangemangsnummer 508218
Plats ABF-huset (ej fastställd sal), ABF-huset
Pris 1500:- (Ord. pris)
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